The history of eeShirts AKA Electrical Engineering t shirts!

This t-shirt store started as the brainchild of an Electrical Engineer named Max.  One day, Max decided that he wanted to express his love of Engineering to the world and decided to share that love in the form of t shirts.

However, these are not just regular t shirts, these are Electrical Engineering t shirts emblazoned with Engineering and Scientific symbols.  Appealing to the niche of culture that understands these symbols, these t shirts are representative of a love of Math, Science, and Engineering.  Our t shirts make the perfect gifts for Engineering grads or seasoned Engineers.

Intelligent and learned people from all over the world have expressed their pleasure at the thought of a t shirt that only a select and elite group of people will be able to fully understand.  To be the person at the party who flaunts her or his understanding of a technological language that is vital to the comfort and luxury of the population at large is in itself a largely satisfying conquest, but as a bonus, everyone else around will be utterly confused and will inevitably approach you only to ask, "what is that symbol on your shirt"?  To which you will smile, knowing that you will try your best to make the tale behind the mysterious symbol comprehensible to this person.  It won't be enough however, because they are not a technophile and probably won't fully get it.

Now and again though some stray scientist will step forward and give you a high five because they share in the knowledge of the secret language, and they think your shirt is awesome!

Check out all of our Electrical Engineering t shirts in the store or contact us if you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ.